Where to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17

27/03/2014 15:49

Airing Date: March 27, 2014

This is the second time that we will visit again the Atlanta where the first is where the episode title is “Bloodlines” somewhere Damon and Elena had their last road trip together. But this time Caroline and Enzo will have a road trip but it’s not quite a typical road trip because both them had a mission where they will look the unknown Silas doppelganger and if they will saw it immediately kill them to ransom Stefan in the hands of the spine-chilling Travellers. As what I saw in the promo that Stefan and Enzo are fighting but I don’t know it was Stefan or his doppelganger and also in the promotional picture that Caroline and Stefan or his doppelganger might be hiding. I am excited to watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 online will air on March 27, 2014 only at


What will you bet we’ll Enzo and Caroline Silas doppelganger? Or they will have another option not to mess a blood in the ground this may another excellent episode we will saw it.


Here goes nothing again because Marcos will come out that he was the leader of the Travellers, what will be the reason why he was in mystic falls and urging to get the doppelganger? Are they going to sacrifice another one? In addition what will be the purpose of this two sibling which they are Liv and Luke that Liv was hurting Elena. For the Travellers are afraid that they don’t want the witches will known what they are doing. I am confused right now what will be this thing be happen.


Stays tuned and watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17; it’s funny because after Elena and Damon making love they had an awkward experience when they attend the parent teacher conference. In this may have an action I wish Klaus will arrive and kill all the Travellers also Markos even thought I don’t happen see him I know he was evil as what I read on the other side I know it will not happen.

Where to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12

27/01/2014 16:02

Airing Date: January 30, 2014


Recently on The Vampire Diaries we meet another new character that she was playing as Nadia friend, she was also a Travellers and her name is Mia which this woman help Katherine to alive again. For if you still remember in the episode 1 which the title episode is “I Know What You Did last Summer”, where Gregor and Nadia appeared that was called Mind connection Spell. That the person figure it out that it was not Matt but is was Gregor possessing matt body in the episode title True Lies, where that episode also Gregor and Nadia appeared to Silas in Gas Station, Gregor exposed his attention of entombing Silas once again and Nadia says this is the goal of The Travellers. Before Gregor can do anything, in this is shock for the reason is Nadia killed him. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12: The Devil Inside will be back on January 30, 2014 only at


In the 500 Years of Solitude, Nadia had a favor to Elena and Stefan to the creepy house where they’ll found out that house was full of the Travellers, for Nadia wanted to help Katherine. Nadia tricks Elena and Stefan in the house which the Travellers wanted the blood of the doppelgangers which until now no reason why. He Travellers corner Stefan and Elena for the ring cannot function that moment and I was worry about that scene, and the Travellers just wanted the blood of the dopplegangers. A fellow Traveller teaches Katherine the spell, and later Katherine uses the spell on Elena to become a passenger in her body.


That I found out that the travellers still have a need for the doppelgangers. Looks like the Silas chapter might not have been a waste after all. Although the use of a bad guy to acquaint with a bigger bad guy is suitable far too much of a cliché. This might be interesting again The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12.

Where to Watch Arrow season 2 Episode 3

21/10/2013 14:56

Airing Date:October 23, 2013


We don’t see Quentin Lance in the previous episode who next week we will see he gain first let's have a short recap about his character. At first when Arrow and Officer Lance first meet was a terrible for the reason he saw Olivier as a shit in the ass who i am asking myself if i was him i would rather to chase the Arrow and also to found out who he was. That Lance was eager to found who he was but in the finale episode here the title episode is The Undertaking that Arrow contact Lance to help him in subject of the bomb who Malcolm plan it in the old subway. We will giving him an acknowledgment because of his braveness and perseverance that he does give up to get off the string of the bomb that he is the person why the one bomb was not active but they found out that it was not only one bomb in the subway but it had another bomb in the subway also which that bomb hit the east side of the Glades. Arrow Season 2 Episode 3: Broken Dolls will air on October 23, 2013.


IN this season Quentin Lance will appreciate Arrow this time that he changed after The Hood told him about Malcolm plan to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. He come to conclusion where he no longer seeing the hood as a bad person that it change as good person, no longer seeing him as a menace to the city.


That if you watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 Online. Quentin will realize one most wanted person was escape after the earthquake which was Barton Mathis who he was the person who news about the agonizing a lady which i don’t like him in fact to see hurting the women which i am get angry to person who i want top punch him in the face with the chair.

Where to Watch The Vampire Dairies Season 5 Episode 4

21/10/2013 14:38

Airing Date: October 24, 2013


What would it be if Qetsyah is tru for this lady knows what she was telling for she seen an century that the doppelganger is for doppelganger, not the question is what will append to the Delena love story for i know many fans will be upset to this revelation last week and i know the Stelena are rejoicing this time. Butt we don’t had an right what will be in the future but one thing that i know for this Thursday which the official date is October 24, 2013 The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4: For Whom the Bell To will be back in screen which you can also watch it for free for one of my favorite site that i ever visited in that was


We all know that the doppelganger is for Doppler for it was Silas was the reason why their is exiting doppelganger life in the present that Katherine doppelganger is Elena and also the original face was Amara but it include Tatia also that do you noticed that the doppelganger each name was there is a letter a in the word. and also Silas had an doppelganger which was Stefan which they had also an common letter in that was S.


Silas was obsessed to the lady named Amara bit at first he had an relation to Qetsiyah who i discover was the Bennett family line. 2,000 years ago we saw that Qetsiyah was obsessed the man named Silas that they are getting married but Silas had true love which was Amara that when Qetsiyah discover it she had no hesitate to kill by slice the throat and get the heart. I will watch The Vampire Diaries season 5 Episode 4 Online.


In that’s it what the past century story had happen ad i know you want to see more deeply what will be happen next and also this getting interesting again.

Where to Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 2

15/10/2013 13:36

Airing Date: October 16, 2013


We'll Oliver Queen as Arrow will meet again his first nemesis in that was China White for this is her first appearance of Arrow Season 2 and we will expected that she will be in white again just kidding, seriously she will might had an surprised to Arrow because this time she had new recruit to his mission to destroy Arrow and to find his true identity. We will find out if you watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity online free that will be back in TV screen on October 16, 2013 only at


Now what is the reason why China was is a evil person for i know each person they had an reason why they become good or bad person in there life. In how china White became like this we'll i will gave the reason why she become like this. China White was born in Chein Na Wei which this is the top of the Chinese Triad. After the dearth of her late teacher which was Zhishan. In that is the reason why she become the brand new leader of the Chinese Triad. She also frequent of Arrow enemy.


In her past life as a child she was experiencing abused by his father that she was treat as a toy who just giving a fun. In that time a day past and the day was enough that a person rescued her, that China White shoot his parent in the chest. In the reason why China White had an White hair is because of fear to her father. At his middle ages she also experiencing bullying to his school until the end she had enough that she stab his fellow classmate with a pen. In China White was so astonished to see what happen to his fellow classmate.


I am hoping that you will not miss Arrow Season 2 Episode 2.

Where to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3

15/10/2013 13:24

Airing Date: October 17, 2013


Do you watch the previous episode of The vampire Diaries "True Lies" in do you still remember the scene when Elena and Caroline was in the biology class? we'll if you forget that i will give you a flashback. When Caroline and Elena discover that Professor Wes Maxfield is the person who sign the documents regarding to the death testimony of Megan they suspect Maxfield that he was be a person who had an connection to Megan's death. In the only way to find out is to attend the class of Teacher Wes Maxfield but Caroline insist for she don’t like the biology class but because they are anxious to find out about that issue, both of them agree to attend the class. In when they enter the room Caroline and Elena saw the familiar face in the campus in that was Jesse for Jesse was surprised to see both og them in the class that they are just first men and this class is for the upper class men but the had an valid reason. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3: Original Sin will be back on October 17, 2013 (Thursday) only at


In when Wes Maxfield entered the room he introduced to himself in the class in i learned he was a strict professor unlike to Professor Shane. But he had also an sense of humor and i just forget to say that he was a kind of sexy and hot teacher that i ever said especially when he smile that he was so mysterious person. Maxfield had lesson that Caroline and Elena was silently talking to each other that Wes got the attention of the girls and he noticed that they are not a upper class and because they are not listening to what he said he said to them to get out in my class and that is the start the clash begins.


Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3 Online. For this time we will not see this moment Wes Maxfield but we will expect that Caroline and Jesse will have time to each other and also Elena and Katherine both of them worried to Stefan for they fell that he was in danger.

Where to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2

08/10/2013 12:50

Airing Date: October 11, 2013


Now the questioned is why the title episode of The Vampire Diaries season 5 Episode 2 is "True Lies?"... here they get the title True Lies came from the movie which year of 1994 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis which the person write of this movie and the creator was James Cameron. By the way this installment will be back on October 11, 2013 only at for i know you are freaking excited to witness again the battle of the mystic falls.


Do you noticed that Matt Donovan is getting more sexy? i know in the next episode we will see what is the reason way he was kidnapped by the people who named Nadia that this lady was with him in the Europe for they had an threesome with Rebekah and i am still confused if Nadia was a witch or a Vampire Hunter and also what is the reason why he get in mystic falls? i had many questioned in my mind who they will able to get answer i you will watch this episode of The Vampire Diaries. It comes to the relationship status of Rebekah and Matt had good relationship and i know they are just perfect for Matt is a human and Rebekah was one of the strongest vampire in entire wolf for she was part of the sop called Originals.


We will expecting that Matt will escape in the person who kidnapped him that is the official guide of this episode of The Vampire diaries Season 5 Episode 2, Damon will have an favor to Matt and Jeremy to keep on eye to Katherine’s for Silas is looking to him but the questioned who i come Matt escape and also this episode we will see more tension and intense scene that i am looking forward this time.


Where to Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 1

05/10/2013 13:02

Airing Date: October 10, 2013

To those who love Felicity this is our shine our clammy and sexy lady will be more in the scene that i know in season was she was an recurring character but in season 2 she will be a major character that at last they get noticed Felicity Smoak skill and talent for this fiction character was just awesome and also without Felicity i might thinking Oliver will able had an hard every to mission or on an mission for Felicity she was the person balancing the trio for we all know that Diggle and Oliver had same personality that sometimes they are clashing but when they are clashing Felicity enter the scene that they will able top forget what they had quarrel in back in the mission. I know you are anticipated to witness how felicity will grow in the field of combat and also getting more skill of programming and searching that she was awesome in that field. Hoping that you will not miss Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 that be back on October 10, 2013 only at

This time we will meet more interesting to know felicity will able to see more about the scene and also we will see that Oliver and Felicity had some sort of sparkling in the scene that when Felicity are in the island in they will be an hot scene that Felicity and Oliver been jumping and hug felicity just to defend and protect her that Felicity said you are so hot and i am looking forward about in that they will had an inserting will happen to this two beautiful creature.

In Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes. Felicity and Diggle will go to Lian Yu to get Oliver and bring back in the starling city for starling city are getting worse and worse that you cannot imagine to see it.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 10

06/06/2013 15:31

Airing Date: June 9, 2013


What can you say to Daario and Dany for the had growth an feelings to each other in fact when they are planning what will be the perfect and safe plan to enter in Yunkai, Daario said that he know more i am the key that i can enter Yunkai that their will be n effort and when Daario said that they will enter in the gate and Dany said wheres the gate and Daario get Dany hand and point the mp whee it was and Daario and Dany had an spark. But still Jorah had no feeling to gain trust to Daario that they had an vote thig who Jorah said to Gray Worm who you can trust him? Grey Wind replied he can trust Daarion. that’s it they will have to tea work just to manage survived in Yunkai. I know you are anticipated to watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 10 online that will be back in our Television on June 9, 2013 in that will be prepare your self for this gonna be epic and also you can watch the finale of Game of Thrones only at


In they begin to who matter of fact tree of them enter Yunkai but athirst Daario enter for h know Yunkai and they know also Darrio, in when the signal is on Grey Worm and Jorah enter also and when they got enter they shocker that Daario kill two guards as easy and instant, in when they thought it will over they are surprise to what they saw who their are still guards who are approaching.


Jorah said it is not many guards but an countless guard and they corner and when the scene is over Ser. Jorah and Grey Worm come to Dany base to get the information and Dany was confused why is Daario is not but at the second Daario appear and he offer an cloth with an picture of statue in Yunkai. Watch Game of Thrones Season3 Episode 10 Online Free...

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9

30/05/2013 13:25

Airing Date: June 2, 2013

This will be gonna interesting story for in the official synopsis of the next episode, said that Robb presents himself to Walder Frey in your information, Walder Frey is the head of the House Frey,and lord o the crossing, house of Frey had an trade mark that their house was an overwhelming fertility and hundred of descendants in imagining that it will be full of the football field i might guest. I know you are anticipated to watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9 online that will be back on June 2m, 2013 only at Telepisodes where the place you can watch it for free so what are you waiting for just click the link and enjoy watch Game of Thrones Episodes online. In by the way to those who are interesting to witness Robb and Talisa hot scene i will recommend to you that this will be you fascinated day to take an peek for this two creature are so hot on their own unique way.

Not only that the reason why Robb Start present himself to Walder Frey is Edmund Tully will married one of the daughters of and Edmund will gonna excited also to see what will be the face of his bride to be, in maybe if you are thinking why they will married in rush is because for the political thing that the Stark wanted to get more alliance for the upcoming war in the westeros. In Edmund will be able to enjoy celebrating in the Frey house for i just saw in the spoiler that their was an dancing and drinking thing happening that place.

Hoping that you will not miss the Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9: The Rains of Castamere. In the House of Frey will join to the House of Stark meaning to say that they had an agreement to have an new alliance on the use in this will becoming more serious this time for an war i fell in the atmosphere.

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