Arrow Season 1 Episode 7

21/11/2012 10:02


Airing Date: November 28, 2012


When their i will see you again, ohh i just get emotion of that song which one of the great hits of Adele, by the way Arrow will have no sequence in November 21 who they will resume in November 29, which is the break episode will have a assume that it was entitled Planes, Tranes and Automobiles. We don’t know about this film but if you had any ideas about that just comment below if you have any idea of this film. Nevertheless we will never be tired to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 7: Muse of Fire online which will air on November 29, 2012.


Who do you think about Laurel and Oliver status is their will be a spark again to this beautiful creature or still thy have a barrier to accept they had still in love in the same way, But on my own speculation, Oliver at the island even though he was trap and his life is in danger still he had to think a hundred times to Laurel in short he was in love that in the last episode we seemed that how ironic when Laurel and Oliver is in the room that Oliver show all the scars he get in the island that it was featured also the big scars who get it on Deatstroke. That Laurel sees the pain and suffers who she fill to Oliver when she see the scars that in the end at the first time we see their lips in near to each other. But Laurel controls the emotion and Oliver was sad to see the action of Laurel.


Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 7 who to see how Oliver will able to get the justice and pursuing his father mission who until today he get that swear to his father. But there will be people who will get his way to stop him.