Want to Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 18

25/03/2013 13:28

Airing Date: March 27, 2013


Thea was just at first crazy who had an anger to his father and brother who lost in five years. Who don’t like the set when Oliver back for she had confuse to Oliver character and attitude for he had different right now and for think the reason why it will done who will see more about this you like it and how Oliver love also the way he act in also his ability and dot forget his muscles that i loving to watch if that will featured more especially when Thea will do anything how to get rid just to help other person for their was an prof of that for when Thea learn that Roy need had and help anything will better to get into and also why the thing why Thea look up to Thea and hopefully this thing will be bigger and no body else can destruct that and or and chaos for i love it that will happy that way. Watch Arrow Season 1 episode 18 that will go back in the TV screen on March 27, 2013 only at Telepisodes.net where you can find all your favorite show for free.


More to season Thea and Roy for they will be close together that if you saw he last episode where Thea visit the glades just to Roy Harper house in when Thea back for Roy reject the invitational than. Their was some of the bounty hunter person and when Thea was corner and unexpected Roy papered just to save Thea but Roy get an stab and they will go to the doctor just to heal and it was an shock Roy afraid of the small metal thing which it was called an needle in Thea knows that in hey had an intimate thing just i love the way will happen.


Who will be happen if Roy was kidnapped and Thea begging to save Roy in because Oliver cant declined the beg of Thea he straightaway do it in to see this just watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 18 online free.