Want to Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9?

10/12/2012 08:27


His Episode Airing Date: December 12, 2012

Tommy wasn't be not in the moved this episode for his father who we know at first as John Barrowman was his real named is Merlyn who had connection to Robert and Moira but i think Tommy had no good relation to his father for they had an issue which Merlyn cut off all the trust-fan and accounts on the bank, in this time Tommy will get serious to his life not as like as always who we know just as happy go lucky men, in Tommy they said he was in the Dark Ar er but i think they are wrong, for he was in the party what the incident of what the Dark Archer done in the midst of Christmas night, because Laurel was also exact on the place where Tommy do you know tat Tommy invite Laurel to send the Christmas with him but thy will celebrate his late sister Sarah who was also his birthday at Christmas in Laurel don’t want his father to be alone in that holiday in Laurel deny the invitation, to see and stay tuned to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 that will due on December 12, 202 only to watch at Telepisdes.net.

A news was herd for their was another Arrow existing in the starling city for they said it was look a like Arrow for he was also using an Arrow and his target was the same at the hit list of Oliver and i think their will be a clash for thy will have a fighting scene and some revelation who behind of that suit, some people said it was Tommy, Walter,and Merlyn who whatever was that i will not kiss this episode and watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 online.