Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10: Burned Online

14/01/2013 09:44

Airing Date: January 16, 2013


Previously on Arrow, Oliver had engage to do the party when he find out that he lost in the island with his father they begun not to celebrate the Christmas almost five years but in the holidays spirit Oliver wanted to do a Christmas party in the Queen house but at first Thea don’t want but his mother Moira had an second demotion for she wanted also to do in holiday in because Moira wanted also in Oliver promise that he will never let them let down that he said no worries of the expenses and catering for he will do it in just do it wear you glamorous dress in that's it, Laurel and Tommy wanted to send their Christmas in the Queen's family in they had a good time that night when Oliver find out that in the midst in the party Thea with his i think "boyfriend" Oliver discover thy had an love making in her room in Oliver was disappointed to what he see and thy had n argument in when Diggle enter the scene for he will said that their was an kidnapped scene he immediately go to that place to find just watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 in this series will air on January 16, 2013.


For this time Oliver meets Garfield who was been victim of a sever burn on his skin in face fir he was left to his leader in the midst of house fire in the i the reason he had a miserable life which until now he had an anger and revenge to that person because Garfield going paying back of his life he was also left his family in i think this men will be the villain of the starling city in year i hope you will not forget to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 1 online.