Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 8 Online - Vendetta

04/12/2012 10:54


Airing Date: December 5, 2012


What can you say on the last week episode? Just comment below if you had any idea what's happening on that episode. In the Muse of Fire which we been missing it on one week for they had a holiday break, now see Huntress for the first time which she had a serious issues on his family as like Oliver, in i think that is the reason why they click in the same way who this to person to find the justice, Huntress seeking a justice was not in the good path for she getting the justice for his own way which to revenge toward his family in some who are involved who kill his boyfriend and soon broom to be but it was a terrible mistake, when Helena father heard that someone betray him and call at the police department, Helena father though his future husband want to be but it's not, the person who call the police is Helena. I just remind you that on December 5, 2012 watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 8 for the title episode is called "Vendetta".


Vendetta episode it will be come to appear the scene of Huntress ad Arrow who they will be get more each other who they had a good time in that lesson, Oliver teach Helena how to used a crossbow in some other combat skill who Oliver was good in that, everything was find but still Diggle was suspicious about Helena and they talked to Oliver it will be danger to put your trust or your identity on that girl, even though Diggle was pursuing to Oliver he refuse that in go on what his plan at first. After Helena knows how to use a crossbow they start to prove that she was strong enough and handle his.


If you had many questioned and wanted to get more further idea what will happen to this episode just don’t miss and keep to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 8 online streaming.