Watching Arrow Season 1 Episode 12 Online

26/01/2013 09:27

Airing Date: January 30, 2013


Do you like Tommy? yet i think he was a good men in also he was the best had of Oliver Queen who was Tommy childhood friend with Laurel Lance, in also why i love Tommy because he was funny in good to released his joke which it works, but at first we shock that Tommy and Laurel have a mutual relationship, which it happen when Oliver is in the place of discomfort, but Oliver accept it but i know Oliver was hurt that Oliver was still focus on his plan that he share to hi father. Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 12 which will air on January 30, 2013 only at


On the previous episode about the Malcolm, Laurel and Tommy scene at first when Tommy is busy to his work an surprise call he got it on his father that Malcolm said will invite you for a dinner but Tommy refuse tonight hut Malcolm insist of it that Tommy will bring Laurel in the dinner date, in they had a good time but when they had over their dinner Malcolm get an paper which he need the signature to Tommy in when Tommy read the note he was angry because the thing what Malcolm destroy the dental clinic who was Tommy mom love it in Tommy walk out because of that and Laurel also. But i think Malcolm just want to protect his family which he had still at the picture frame who they had all smile.


What will Malcolm Merlyn plan why he need to be as the dark archer in why he want to destroyable one of the loves of Tommy moms. Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 12 online free. Will this episode Thea will put in trouble for she was caught using a vertigo. For we all known Thea anger to his mom for she find out that their was something between Moira and Malcolm.