Where Can I Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 14

11/02/2013 09:58

Airing Date: February 13, 2013


Moira,we'll he was an awesome if i were his child for the reason how attractive is your mom with that astonish eyes and pleasant to say he just a cool but every persona an dark secret, right? for their will be more revelation about his secret who been connected to Macolm Merlyn who was an Dark Archer which he is a villain knock down! back to Moira he will be the reason why some o his family was not in good path like Thea was been hook in clubs and also drugs that result is an tragic accident who he was slight put in the jail but she thinks to his brother Oliver he keep saying to Lance in because Laurel favor to him he was not put in bar. In watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 14 online that will air on February 13, 2013 on Telepisodes.net.


Arrow will begun to make an decision which if he will take the risk even-thought his mother will uncover his secret for the matter is now Oliver wanted to discover why she had also an list like to him. In also on the recent episode they been tracking down the vigilante, Lance is the reason of that for he put an device what Laurel and Arrow willing and I thought will had an meeting place on the top roof of the building and when thy heard the signal and they go into that place who Arrow surprise that thing but because Arrow waited to protect his identity he make an move to grab Laurel to take his victim but he just want to cover him in he just flee but Lance fallowed but in resultant is that he will captured the vigilante, Laurel was gray to him because he cheat on him and because of his responsibility little bit his daughter but in danger.


Because Arrow Season 1 Episode 14: The Odyssey in will be an stepping of Oliver in the island just to protect himself and because he meet a new friend of him he will see how to use an Arrow and also a combat who he practice until now.