Where can i Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 15

19/02/2013 12:46

Airing Date: February 21, 2013


One is you favorite character on Arrow? for me except Oliver i love Diggle for the reason is he was tall in masculine in also attractive in who had so loyal, at first he was lame but every episode was arrive love him more that every-time when Oliver was gone he was just shit in by the way when Diggle was shot thanks to Oliver a.k.a Arrow he get the cure to stop the pain in to be alive in he eat it, Diggle wake up in he was shock that his boss was the vigilant at first he don’t accept but still he keep the secret, in when Diggle wanted to get the truth who killed his brother that is the reason hy he will join on Oliver plan. Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 15 online will back on February 20, 2013 which you can watch for free only at Telepisodes.net.


Diggle will appear to the next episode who was Oliver and Felicity at the event but they had an purpose why they attend because they had lead that Dodger who was expert in thief will have another villain plan again in that event, but their is problem that Oliver will leave an decision to himself for for one of his love one will put in life and death situation that he doesn’t expected will happen to their mission but surely Oliver will find away to save his love one and also to accomplish his mission to captured Dodger in his group in also Roy Harper will in the appearance who will make as Thea love interest in also Arrow side kick.


I just read the synopsis in this is what said Moira will be plan to make against Malcolm to see this watch The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 15 free.