Where can i Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 17

11/03/2013 14:59

Airing Date: March 20, 2013

Her we again for the second time huntress will invade for the reason is she will be able to do the things that she wanted for we saw how Bertinneli to everything just to make an revenge to his father who the reason why hes fiance die and by the way huntress will be the reason why Oliver antenna will enable once again for Olie be also first opening his own club business this time and McKenna saw it and also his family be also saw it that Oliver was change in serious what he saying and i think thy are all proud how Oliver achieve this moment but every successful their will be an not good thing will happen because when Oliver and Tommy will had an problem for their DJ i think will caused an thrilled and hes named was Steve Aoki to heir new nightclub verdant i know it was almost a month Arrow we will not see but when the Date will on diffidently i will watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 17 will air on March 20, 2013 only at Telepisodes.net.

In for five years Laurel with his father as well Dinah Lance will have an reunion for at last but they had an intense scene that when Dinah will revealed that Sara was still alive for Dinah probe it for she will get the map in pointing out where Sara was trapped or staying or i think if Sara was still alive we'll this is my logic Sara was kidnapped or become slave or also she was amnesia i think if she was still alive and if you had an idea what happen to Sara just comment at below and i am glad if you do that.

In i am still looking up on what happen to the island and to witness his just don't miss Arrow season 1 Episode 17 - The Huntress Return.