Where can i Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16

01/03/2013 09:49

Airing Date: March 14, 2013


To your own belief who is deserving to get the cure? At my own opinion we'll all of them are deserving if the cure can get all the vampires in mystic falls but cure was one which means it can cure only one vampire right? Rebekah like also want to be human again to experience how to love and lying on the bed which you are waiting to your last breath which I think I am on side of Rebekah for the reason is 1000 year vampire who don’t experience an human and also I think Rebekah was tired to see his love one’s or special someone who die on his face who still she can live forever. In that is the reason on the previous episode of witness that Rebekah still at the island to seek the cure and also to find the question about Silas that she ,confronted also Stefan if you get the cure who will you giver and Stefan reply I will give to Elena and Rebekah anger and snap Stefan. To those who asking about Silas true appearance just watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Online which will air on march 14, 2013 on at Telepisodes.net.


It was interesting that this episode we will see that Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Nicklaus this will be the five major character will appeared in the scene will be cycle all of them that will centered that how Elena transforming as a vampire that biting and sucking blood at the morning that she was like more at Katherine and I thing I was shock to see that which the girl who was pleasant and kind now she was changed but we can't blame for he done experience terrible which I am in the Elena will place I will be crazy and don’t need to live anymore of this crazy world.


Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Online Free. Hayley was last seen in O Come, All Ye Faithful and Klaus was last seen in Down the Rabbit Hole this both character will be more intense for we know that Hayley is the reason why Katherine get the cure and interested to that thing but I am assured to you that Katherine doesn’t try to heal himself but I think she had a plan to Klaus that their will be a consequence why she had done to his family that he murdered.