Where i can Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 16

26/02/2013 13:34

Airing Date: February 27, 2013

Who do you want to know that Thea had n secret feeling to Roy Harper but at as we see on the previous episode where Thea was able to walk in the glades with Laurel but when thy walking their was a man who had an red hood lire Arrow and he was fast that Laurel and Thea don’t managed to see that and when Roy Harper was corner still he was capable to escape on the bar but Laurel get an Chan with the wallet which they can track down Roy and to get more about Thea secret feeling to Roy watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 16 online which will air on February 27, 2013 only at Telepisodes.net who you can see more episodes of Arrow.


In by the way on the island we see a man on the cave when Oliver just get an leaves where can heal any wounds like Slade Wilson had for he shot by Edward. Back to Oliver he was shock that the person was new to us that he was a instructor but because the plane had trouble hey crush and some of the soldier beaten him and put in misery which i saw he was beaten and weak for when Oliver decided to set free the man will Oliver doubt because he doesn’t know that person and also he was afraid if his decision will make affect that The the reason why he left and back to the layer to heal Slade.


In to get more Oliver conclusion which all of us capable do some wrong things but at the wrong decision we are gain some lesson to learn that is the reason why i am still watching Arrow Episode 16 online free.