Where to Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 2: Honor Thy Father Online

16/10/2012 09:11


Airing Date: October 17, 2012

Arrow right now is one of the my favorite show for the reason is was action and also I just love Stephen Amell or Oliver Queen on Arrow sexy and Buffy and also brave in he had a duty to do what his father reveled to him in the open sea that we shock that he was committing a suicide in the face to his some Oliver.. I think you must watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 2: Honor Thy Father online which will air on October 17, 2012.

We seen many character in the premiere episode of Arrow, one of the member of Arrow which makes me smile every time I see her “Laurel Lance” she is the ex girlfriend of Oliver Queen, ion the daughter of the most well-known Detective Quentin Lance in the Starling City and she had a sister named Sarah lance She died by drowning aboard the Queens' yacht, a fact which her father never forgave Oliver for. Laurel Lance was part of the so called group CNRI that people who needs and it was awesome is the think who Arrow get the money on Adam Haunt it send to the work place who Laurel where she was belong in that group I think the chemistry both of them are getting starting. Her just a trivia Laurel Lance a Legal aid Attorney and also Dinah Lance is the Black Canary in the original comic. I hope that spoiled was true and I just get enough to what Arrow again and again…

Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 2 Online, the story will begin when Oliver Queen go to the courthouse to get his death certificate and after that Oliver go to Laurel where she work, but there is prosecuting happen them that Oliver see a man named martin Somers a criminal who was wicked that connects to the Chinese Triad. And that’s why Oliver recognizes the named on his book which is Martin Somers.