Where to Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 1

05/10/2013 13:02

Airing Date: October 10, 2013

To those who love Felicity this is our shine our clammy and sexy lady will be more in the scene that i know in season was she was an recurring character but in season 2 she will be a major character that at last they get noticed Felicity Smoak skill and talent for this fiction character was just awesome and also without Felicity i might thinking Oliver will able had an hard every to mission or on an mission for Felicity she was the person balancing the trio for we all know that Diggle and Oliver had same personality that sometimes they are clashing but when they are clashing Felicity enter the scene that they will able top forget what they had quarrel in back in the mission. I know you are anticipated to witness how felicity will grow in the field of combat and also getting more skill of programming and searching that she was awesome in that field. Hoping that you will not miss Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 that be back on October 10, 2013 only at tvlinks1.com.

This time we will meet more interesting to know felicity will able to see more about the scene and also we will see that Oliver and Felicity had some sort of sparkling in the scene that when Felicity are in the island in they will be an hot scene that Felicity and Oliver been jumping and hug felicity just to defend and protect her that Felicity said you are so hot and i am looking forward about in that they will had an inserting will happen to this two beautiful creature.

In Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes. Felicity and Diggle will go to Lian Yu to get Oliver and bring back in the starling city for starling city are getting worse and worse that you cannot imagine to see it.