Where to Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 2

15/10/2013 13:36

Airing Date: October 16, 2013


We'll Oliver Queen as Arrow will meet again his first nemesis in that was China White for this is her first appearance of Arrow Season 2 and we will expected that she will be in white again just kidding, seriously she will might had an surprised to Arrow because this time she had new recruit to his mission to destroy Arrow and to find his true identity. We will find out if you watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity online free that will be back in TV screen on October 16, 2013 only at watchseries1.eu.


Now what is the reason why China was is a evil person for i know each person they had an reason why they become good or bad person in there life. In how china White became like this we'll i will gave the reason why she become like this. China White was born in Chein Na Wei which this is the top of the Chinese Triad. After the dearth of her late teacher which was Zhishan. In that is the reason why she become the brand new leader of the Chinese Triad. She also frequent of Arrow enemy.


In her past life as a child she was experiencing abused by his father that she was treat as a toy who just giving a fun. In that time a day past and the day was enough that a person rescued her, that China White shoot his parent in the chest. In the reason why China White had an White hair is because of fear to her father. At his middle ages she also experiencing bullying to his school until the end she had enough that she stab his fellow classmate with a pen. In China White was so astonished to see what happen to his fellow classmate.


I am hoping that you will not miss Arrow Season 2 Episode 2.