Where to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2

08/10/2013 12:50

Airing Date: October 11, 2013


Now the questioned is why the title episode of The Vampire Diaries season 5 Episode 2 is "True Lies?"... here they get the title True Lies came from the movie which year of 1994 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis which the person write of this movie and the creator was James Cameron. By the way this installment will be back on October 11, 2013 only at tvlinks1.com for i know you are freaking excited to witness again the battle of the mystic falls.


Do you noticed that Matt Donovan is getting more sexy? i know in the next episode we will see what is the reason way he was kidnapped by the people who named Nadia that this lady was with him in the Europe for they had an threesome with Rebekah and i am still confused if Nadia was a witch or a Vampire Hunter and also what is the reason why he get in mystic falls? i had many questioned in my mind who they will able to get answer i you will watch this episode of The Vampire Diaries. It comes to the relationship status of Rebekah and Matt had good relationship and i know they are just perfect for Matt is a human and Rebekah was one of the strongest vampire in entire wolf for she was part of the sop called Originals.


We will expecting that Matt will escape in the person who kidnapped him that is the official guide of this episode of The Vampire diaries Season 5 Episode 2, Damon will have an favor to Matt and Jeremy to keep on eye to Katherine’s for Silas is looking to him but the questioned who i come Matt escape and also this episode we will see more tension and intense scene that i am looking forward this time.