Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8: The Prince of Winterfell Online Free Streaming

15/05/2012 11:59



Airing Date: May 20, 2012

We love all scene in the Game of Thrones like a place that we first see it in the television and also the fight scene with the epic stunt that can do that is the highly experience in that field but don’t forget and I know you will love it too the baby dragons of the mother of the dragon which is Daenerys we are glad that one of his dragon can make a fire and it was cute. While the direwolf of the Stark that we want to hug each of them but I am little bit scared because they are vicious like shaggydog but I love Jon Snow direwolf for the reason is he was so fuzzy and I wanted to hug him every time and he was cute with his red eye and white hair so if you want to see more about this cute direwolf and dragons if I were you must watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8: The Prince of Winterfell online which will air at May 20, 2012.

And now we are count the last two episode of season 2 and I am expecting that the war will be on in the last episode of season 2 at my own opinion many people arguing because at the book in is different to the series all was change so as what I read their some people say that it’s a shame that they are deviating from the books now. The first series was so close. To those saying they "burnt" the bodies, they didn’t... they used to cover bodies in Tar so that they wouldn’t rot decompose as quickly!. I think he was right but for you what will be your opinion?

Moving this episode still winterfell in captive because of Theon betrayed to the Stark family and he was still panicking so find Bran and Rickon with Hodor this goanna are more excitement episode many secret will reveal and truths will come out if you want to watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8 online.