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05/10/2011 11:40


Episode Summary I have to confess, I wasn’t all that sizzling within the idea of Andy turning out to be boss from the Scranton bunch - along with his aw-shucks demeanour and eager-to-please frame of mind, it felt like the writers were going back again towards the Michael Scott well a bit too shortly. Yet Thursday night’s episode helped alleviate a number of my issues. No, the writers didn’t flip Andy Bernard right into a completely various character, however they did show why, within the alternate truth globe that is Dunder-Mifflin/Sabre, Andy ought to remain the top rated puppy (or Nard Dawg, if you will.)"Watch The Office Season 8 Episode 3 Free Online".

On the episode’s beginning, Robert California (James Spader) makes a pay a visit to to his Scranton troops, requesting (or moreso insisting) Andy support ambigu the branch’s product sales. As Andy debates which tie to put on (and unintentionally calls Robert, “Dad”), it is an intriguing reminder from the deep, disturbing inner workings of that Bernard mind. What Place of work enthusiasts have a tendency to overlook is always that this man is deeply ruined items (don't forget his anger management issues?), and that the Andy Bernard that has blended in to the history around these past few seasons is a single mighty complex character, having a mess of problems as well as a continuous wish for approval - not fairly as basic as Michael Scott’s “make-’em-laugh” mindset, but considerably far more burning and, in its personal way, intensive.

"Watch The Office Season 8 Episode 3 Online Free Streaming", But just before we descend into dime-store psychology (it had been my main! No, not really), we get over a couple of amusing bits of comedy, including Erin’s cold-coffee delivery to Robert and an ill-thought-out nickname for Oscar (“Cocker Spaniel,” the precise origins of which I can not explain on this family members information website). Oh, and in a very C-story that went nowhere (no less than not in this particular episode), Darryl’s ex-wife popped in to get a perhaps-friendly/sexy go to. Will they get back again together? Do we really treatment? All may be revealed subsequent week! Or not.

Genuine, it wasn’t probably the most laugh-out-loud episode, in reality, there might have been just one or two very good “chuckle” moments, however the Workplace exhibited more than plenty of character and coronary heart, and often, that is all you may need. Great luck, Andy Bernard.

Watch The Office Season 8 Episode 3 Online Free Streaming: Lotto, right after the warehouse guys win the lotto and stop absolutely everyone inside the workplace desires of what it will be like to win massive. Andy and Darryl lookup for new warehouse employees although Jim, Erin, Dwight and Kevin obtain a taste of warehouse lifestyle.