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11/02/2012 09:50


AIRING DATE: February 16, 2012

Last episode of The Vampire Diaries it is relief evening to Elena because Alaric is recovering to his wound, but the next day theirs a bell ring and when Elena open the door there is a letter of invitation to the Ball which is all family of Klaus together with his mother Esther they aim is to know each person in their town could Mystic falls that when Elena read a letter she is in surprise because the mother of all vampire invite him that Elena don’t know the reason for that even though she know that when she come to the party his life is in danger so when Damon and Stefan heard about they immediately present themselves to protect her so at that evening is just a fabulous and glamorous that evening that all ladies and gentleman are looking good to their dress. When Esther and Elena have been face to face each other there is shocking exposure that Esther mother of Klaus favor to Elena to kill his all his children because they are threaten to their town including Klaus a immortal so Elena response is yes even she is hesitate of their agreement. Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14 Online Free will air on February 16, 2012.


Moving on this episode we will expect more intense action and drama because Elena is upset when she find out that no one of his friends agree to the Original Family that when Elijah found out the plan he decide to talk to Damon and Stefan to talk about the life of Elena that it is their choice if their want Elena to be alive. That’s it for now and watching The Vampire Diaries Season 3 episode 15 Online.