Watch The vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18: The Murder of One online

23/03/2012 15:38



We will get in the last part of season 3 of The vampire Diaries at this fresh episode will titled The Murder of One that Damon and Stefan will be focus of how to kill the originals including Klaus that no one will harm to Elena anymore also not also Elena, Damon and Stefan but they will had a friend will bring which is Matt and the sweat Caroline is also in the plan so what is their plan what method they will use. Meanwhile when Klaus threaten Bonnie that one of his close one will die so because of there is no choice Bonnie had still continue to perform the spell to kill the originals. And also Klaus and Rebekah are still wanted to kill make a join force with their brother Finn that they wanted not to suicide but to cooperate to them and I know that the Sage was been fall in love of the one member of the originals which is Finn that’s why the sage was in the team of the Sage. So it almost we are in the last season so when you watch The vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18: The Murder of One online which is will aired at March 22, 2012 so tune in this episode and I deer you not to miss this episode of else.

At this moment Bonnie mother Abby had get into the rough time in his life because she was became a vampire that there was a scene at the last episode when Jaime hugs Abby because he was sorry to Abby, She became more dangerous that she try to bite Jaime at that moment but thanks to Bonnie she top Bonnie there was been many more intense and drama at the next episode so if I should you watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18 online free.