Where to Watch Arrow season 2 Episode 3

21/10/2013 14:56

Airing Date:October 23, 2013


We don’t see Quentin Lance in the previous episode who next week we will see he gain first let's have a short recap about his character. At first when Arrow and Officer Lance first meet was a terrible for the reason he saw Olivier as a shit in the ass who i am asking myself if i was him i would rather to chase the Arrow and also to found out who he was. That Lance was eager to found who he was but in the finale episode here the title episode is The Undertaking that Arrow contact Lance to help him in subject of the bomb who Malcolm plan it in the old subway. We will giving him an acknowledgment because of his braveness and perseverance that he does give up to get off the string of the bomb that he is the person why the one bomb was not active but they found out that it was not only one bomb in the subway but it had another bomb in the subway also which that bomb hit the east side of the Glades. Arrow Season 2 Episode 3: Broken Dolls will air on October 23, 2013.


IN this season Quentin Lance will appreciate Arrow this time that he changed after The Hood told him about Malcolm plan to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. He come to conclusion where he no longer seeing the hood as a bad person that it change as good person, no longer seeing him as a menace to the city.


That if you watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 Online. Quentin will realize one most wanted person was escape after the earthquake which was Barton Mathis who he was the person who news about the agonizing a lady which i don’t like him in fact to see hurting the women which i am get angry to person who i want top punch him in the face with the chair.