Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

09/05/2013 14:23

Airing Date: 12, 2013


Let's dig down to Shae past that before we see him as Sansa priestess or protector which Tyrion plans about for the protection of Shae. She an prostitute who Tyrion and her first meet for t the hot scene first they are just playing as Tyrion pays him but at the end of the day Shae and Tyrion fell in love to each other in mysterious way that all of us don’t expected that will happen to his life that we see that Tyrion was just an imp who had no also charismatic face but guest what i know and i see that Tyrion had an sex appeal and i have no doubt that thing. Back to Shae she was also been exclusive relation to Tyrion during the time when Tyrion was fighting to his father who i know the reason why Tyrion keep fighting to Tywin for Tywin was just naive and just looking all by himself ad he will doe everything for the loyal house for their was an result of that. Just stay tuned and watch Game of thrones Season 3 Episode 7 online that will due on May 12, 2013 only at


Tyrion and Shae relationship to each other was still put in stake that when Tyrion back to the kings landing we'll this is what happen for Tyrion back in the kings landing with Shae for that will be the reason why Cersie heard the news about Tyrion new relationship for Cersie don’t what happen to his younger brother and fell what she fell married to an person that she doesn’t love and Cersie heard she keep spying to Tyrion and when Tyrion and that girl was corner but the girl that Cersie thought who was Tyrion love affair but that is an wrong person.


In when Tyrion and Shae was in still good but their was an problem for Varys who was known at the kings landing as the whisperers for he was good in keeping of the secret or also an gossip and Varys knows Shae and Tyrion relationship but Varys keep an promise to Tyrion that he will not tell the secret and that will an relief to Tyrion and Shae and if you just watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 online free.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5

26/04/2013 13:52


Airing Date: April 28, 2013


What is you top tree favorite character in Game of Thrones? in state the reason why you like him? on my side my tree favorite character of Game of Thrones are Dany, Jon and Tyrion for this tree had an better part of this epic show who was leading in the world of entertainment in have no doubt this tree will be in the last of story for i am looking forward of it. In i will state why i like this tree first let's tackle to Tyrion why i love him because he was noble, kind, positive person and don't forget his intelligence for he was the reason why they won the battle in the blacwater for he had an idea. In also i love Tyrion even-though he was an imp still he prove himself that he was an outcast for many people looking up to him but also we cannot dodge the people who creed in this world to be hate him. In this moment Tyrion will have an scene tat will assure to you he will be shocked to what he may heard about in the subject of weeding things. Surely and i know you will watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 that will air on April 28, 2013 only at


Second it was Jon Snow who had an blood of an Stark who he was called the bastard that it was true he was Eddard bastard for he was an first an outcast when he learned he was an bastard but because the people in the winterfell who are kind especially Eddard and Catelyn son's and daughter they accept him and Jon gave back his confidence to himself. That at this moment once again Jon will show or he will trusted that he will be an loyal person that i think he will do it for he had an at Stark blood on his veins.


In at last third who was the only Targeryan i think existed which is Daenarys which she still in the conquer women who she wanted to gave back what she's ind she said and it was little by little she will get it on set in the iron thrones. Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Online Free.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4

18/04/2013 13:21

Airing Date: April 21, 2013


Osha was the person why Bran and Rickon was still alive but at first Osha was an wildling for when Robb and Bran was in the forest they are just scouting but suddenly an attack towards to Bran was in great danger for an wildlings was in that place also who they are scouting also for i think they will find an food that will be the reason Robb wanted to protect Bran and warmed for that is the way kill an wildlings with Osha but Robb suddenly don’t want to kill him for I know Robb that time had an brilliant decision for the result is Osha was an personal body guard of Bran and Rickon and don’t we forget Hodor who was still in the side of bran who also Hodor was the reason why Bran can walk by the feet of Hodor and that was an kind person that i ever know. I know we don’t had any idea what will be the reason why Bran and Rickon wanted tin the black castle for i think they thought that they will be safe in that place but they dont know that place was in danger for an walker was spreading. Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 which will schedule on April 21, 2013 only at


Whoa it was shocking to witness that the king slayer was captive not in the Stark but we could Stark for the Bolton was ally in the Stark but guest want Brinene was slight will die but thanks to the sweet words of Jaime that he saved Brienne in danger but the exchange is when Jaime will set in the chair suddenly an knife and the right hand of Jaime was cut off so meaning of this if Jaime will released still he was be the same anymore who had skill in battle. Who knows we don’t know what Jaime if they will be set free with Brienne.


So this is for now to all the fans of Game of thrones Season 3 Episode 4 online free streaming.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

04/04/2013 09:07

Airing Date: April 7, 2013

I am asking my self why the title episode of the next episode of Game of Thrones is "Dark Wings, Dark Words? Before we will go in the discussion we'll i might be better to watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 which will due on April 7, 2013 only at Now let's go back in the discussion i think why the title episode talks about that word is because if we will go back in time when Brinne was still in the winterfell for he had an skill to see what the future may be and also their will be an sign for that sign if if the raven will appeared to him with the three eyes it means their will be an bad news or in other terms an terrible death will coming for surely he was right that when King Eddard was be headed on the law of Joffrey and it was an shocking think that Brinne discover hes talent but it was terrible to see what will happen to those people who are close to you.

Why Dark Wings? is because once again an raven will appeared again for i just saw on the spoile lip that a one raven was flying above the sky in the wieldlings camp and it will be an bad things approaching as what the man said. Dark Words mean an bad news to come and to be heard an terrible thing will be happen that they will may expected that will occur.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words. For this will be again an major character may appeared like Arya that on the note this episode must be centered to Arya but the director and some of the manage said that their is no more room for they will do it and other episode to come to witness what Arya will holds to him for she was still hunting but we must don’t worry their is people be able to protect her and she was a brave lady right now.

Want to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 episode 18

25/03/2013 13:30

Airing Date: March 28, 2013


What is your favorite scene on the recent episode of The Vampire Diaries? we'll i think i want to see more to Elena who will fight back and also not only that she was an vicious lady with the awesome character this time free she was like how Rebekah sees him in the other side. who i get i like how it was in by the way they had an deal which to find out where the place Katherine it was for we know the reason why they will get him for Katherine is the reason why Jeremy diein the cure is in her hands. In also I love truly the new Elena for she had an awesome transformation in she looks like perfect to her new hairstyle. In now if you want to watch The Vampire diaries Season 4 Episode 18 online that will be appeared in tour television on March 28, 2013 only at where you can see or watch for free.


Rebekah and Elena will have an trip in they will going the place where Katherine was which in the Pennsylvania in i think Rebekah and Elena will have a good thing just to get the cure for sure they will be a cat fight one again for two again one in they will haven fight in the street street the public. But Damon and Stefan will find this two just to see their plan for now till the Salvatore brother will still curios to Katherine but not as like to Elena as like.


Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 18 Online Free. For they will meet another Klaroline scene in it was an romantic for I know they are love to see to each other but also their will might another problem for Klaus was stab by the white oak done by Silas. In that is for now to all TVD fans hope you will not miss this upcoming episode.

Want to Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 18

25/03/2013 13:28

Airing Date: March 27, 2013


Thea was just at first crazy who had an anger to his father and brother who lost in five years. Who don’t like the set when Oliver back for she had confuse to Oliver character and attitude for he had different right now and for think the reason why it will done who will see more about this you like it and how Oliver love also the way he act in also his ability and dot forget his muscles that i loving to watch if that will featured more especially when Thea will do anything how to get rid just to help other person for their was an prof of that for when Thea learn that Roy need had and help anything will better to get into and also why the thing why Thea look up to Thea and hopefully this thing will be bigger and no body else can destruct that and or and chaos for i love it that will happy that way. Watch Arrow Season 1 episode 18 that will go back in the TV screen on March 27, 2013 only at where you can find all your favorite show for free.


More to season Thea and Roy for they will be close together that if you saw he last episode where Thea visit the glades just to Roy Harper house in when Thea back for Roy reject the invitational than. Their was some of the bounty hunter person and when Thea was corner and unexpected Roy papered just to save Thea but Roy get an stab and they will go to the doctor just to heal and it was an shock Roy afraid of the small metal thing which it was called an needle in Thea knows that in hey had an intimate thing just i love the way will happen.


Who will be happen if Roy was kidnapped and Thea begging to save Roy in because Oliver cant declined the beg of Thea he straightaway do it in to see this just watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 18 online free.

Where can i Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 17

11/03/2013 14:59

Airing Date: March 20, 2013

Her we again for the second time huntress will invade for the reason is she will be able to do the things that she wanted for we saw how Bertinneli to everything just to make an revenge to his father who the reason why hes fiance die and by the way huntress will be the reason why Oliver antenna will enable once again for Olie be also first opening his own club business this time and McKenna saw it and also his family be also saw it that Oliver was change in serious what he saying and i think thy are all proud how Oliver achieve this moment but every successful their will be an not good thing will happen because when Oliver and Tommy will had an problem for their DJ i think will caused an thrilled and hes named was Steve Aoki to heir new nightclub verdant i know it was almost a month Arrow we will not see but when the Date will on diffidently i will watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 17 will air on March 20, 2013 only at

In for five years Laurel with his father as well Dinah Lance will have an reunion for at last but they had an intense scene that when Dinah will revealed that Sara was still alive for Dinah probe it for she will get the map in pointing out where Sara was trapped or staying or i think if Sara was still alive we'll this is my logic Sara was kidnapped or become slave or also she was amnesia i think if she was still alive and if you had an idea what happen to Sara just comment at below and i am glad if you do that.

In i am still looking up on what happen to the island and to witness his just don't miss Arrow season 1 Episode 17 - The Huntress Return.

Where can i Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16

01/03/2013 09:49

Airing Date: March 14, 2013


To your own belief who is deserving to get the cure? At my own opinion we'll all of them are deserving if the cure can get all the vampires in mystic falls but cure was one which means it can cure only one vampire right? Rebekah like also want to be human again to experience how to love and lying on the bed which you are waiting to your last breath which I think I am on side of Rebekah for the reason is 1000 year vampire who don’t experience an human and also I think Rebekah was tired to see his love one’s or special someone who die on his face who still she can live forever. In that is the reason on the previous episode of witness that Rebekah still at the island to seek the cure and also to find the question about Silas that she ,confronted also Stefan if you get the cure who will you giver and Stefan reply I will give to Elena and Rebekah anger and snap Stefan. To those who asking about Silas true appearance just watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Online which will air on march 14, 2013 on at


It was interesting that this episode we will see that Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Nicklaus this will be the five major character will appeared in the scene will be cycle all of them that will centered that how Elena transforming as a vampire that biting and sucking blood at the morning that she was like more at Katherine and I thing I was shock to see that which the girl who was pleasant and kind now she was changed but we can't blame for he done experience terrible which I am in the Elena will place I will be crazy and don’t need to live anymore of this crazy world.


Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Online Free. Hayley was last seen in O Come, All Ye Faithful and Klaus was last seen in Down the Rabbit Hole this both character will be more intense for we know that Hayley is the reason why Katherine get the cure and interested to that thing but I am assured to you that Katherine doesn’t try to heal himself but I think she had a plan to Klaus that their will be a consequence why she had done to his family that he murdered.

Where i can Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 16

26/02/2013 13:34

Airing Date: February 27, 2013

Who do you want to know that Thea had n secret feeling to Roy Harper but at as we see on the previous episode where Thea was able to walk in the glades with Laurel but when thy walking their was a man who had an red hood lire Arrow and he was fast that Laurel and Thea don’t managed to see that and when Roy Harper was corner still he was capable to escape on the bar but Laurel get an Chan with the wallet which they can track down Roy and to get more about Thea secret feeling to Roy watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 16 online which will air on February 27, 2013 only at who you can see more episodes of Arrow.


In by the way on the island we see a man on the cave when Oliver just get an leaves where can heal any wounds like Slade Wilson had for he shot by Edward. Back to Oliver he was shock that the person was new to us that he was a instructor but because the plane had trouble hey crush and some of the soldier beaten him and put in misery which i saw he was beaten and weak for when Oliver decided to set free the man will Oliver doubt because he doesn’t know that person and also he was afraid if his decision will make affect that The the reason why he left and back to the layer to heal Slade.


In to get more Oliver conclusion which all of us capable do some wrong things but at the wrong decision we are gain some lesson to learn that is the reason why i am still watching Arrow Episode 16 online free.

Where can i Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 15

19/02/2013 12:46

Airing Date: February 21, 2013


One is you favorite character on Arrow? for me except Oliver i love Diggle for the reason is he was tall in masculine in also attractive in who had so loyal, at first he was lame but every episode was arrive love him more that every-time when Oliver was gone he was just shit in by the way when Diggle was shot thanks to Oliver a.k.a Arrow he get the cure to stop the pain in to be alive in he eat it, Diggle wake up in he was shock that his boss was the vigilant at first he don’t accept but still he keep the secret, in when Diggle wanted to get the truth who killed his brother that is the reason hy he will join on Oliver plan. Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 15 online will back on February 20, 2013 which you can watch for free only at


Diggle will appear to the next episode who was Oliver and Felicity at the event but they had an purpose why they attend because they had lead that Dodger who was expert in thief will have another villain plan again in that event, but their is problem that Oliver will leave an decision to himself for for one of his love one will put in life and death situation that he doesn’t expected will happen to their mission but surely Oliver will find away to save his love one and also to accomplish his mission to captured Dodger in his group in also Roy Harper will in the appearance who will make as Thea love interest in also Arrow side kick.


I just read the synopsis in this is what said Moira will be plan to make against Malcolm to see this watch The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 15 free.

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